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California, Massachusetts, & North Carolina
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About Us

One installation at a time, we're working to make green energy ubiquitous, simple, and affordable.

We Have Experience|Expertise|Power|Passion|Focus

Sungrade was conceived of and shaped by veterans in the solar industry. Their experiences instilled in them a burning passion to help clean up our environment, and to make solar energy as accessible as possible. We approach our business with the knowledge that it’s not a matter of “if” the Earth will transition to clean energy, but “when”.

Big Talented Team

In just three years, we’ve grown from a small startup servicing just the East Bay to one of the most recognized solar brands in California.

Decades of Experience

CEO, Aaron Katz, has seen massive success since he joined the industry over a decade ago, and he’s joined by other experienced heavy hitters from across the industry to form a dream executive team.

Smart Business Model

Deep experience across every aspect of the industry, from installation to financing, resulted in us crafting a business model that ensures our safety and longevity as a company. We’ll be around.

Aaron About Us

“It’s an absolute honor to go to work each day surrounded by so many incredible people doing such amazing work for our customers and our planet.”

Aaron Katz
Chief Executive Officer

What We Offer

We take time with every single one of our customers to come up with the best solution for your unique home and situation, and we’re always here to answer your questions

Flexible Solar Options

Depending on your home and your preferences, we have ownership and PPA options fit for any scenario.

Free Drone Surveys

We’re the first solar company to do drone surveys/assessments at scale. Get the data you deserve with one-hundred-percent accuracy, and efficiency, and zero impact on your roof

Industry Best Warranties

We maintain and warranty your entire system, top to bottom, for 25 years on top of the standard manufacturer warranties. Our consultants and support staff will always be there for you in the rare case something happens.

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